Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a thinking thought...

What do you think about in the quiet time? Do you know the time I mean? For not all people ever experience that time, some do not try, and some sadder still do not know of what I speak. That time where the busyness ceases, the noises quiet and the obligation is stilled.

Like a child along a forest path. The silly songs that only children sing make so hard to hear the nesting birds.  The skipping footsteps and kicking small stones make the ferns move too fast to see.  The bright back pack makes the flowers look so dull. Now, as the path joins the pond, the picture changes. The song is not so interesting the twelfth time through, the stone is lost, and although the bag once trendy and exciting now just feels heavy and burdensome. As the boy looks into the pond, he stops. Not sure as to why it’s drawn him.  His stone skips three times. As the ripples cease, an image comes clear, a reflection, a small boy. Different to himself, this boy’s shirt is untucked and ruffled, and his cheek is covered in dirt. He then sees below, that this pond is not as boring as he once would have thought. A small school of fish dart away, as a tiny lizard slides into the water pushing the lilies aside. He hadn’t noticed them till then. Tucking his shirt in he reached in his pocket for a snack, but there was none. Distracted by his now demanding hunger he misses the lizard snatch its pray and hurry off. Now curious, he stares into the water, and sits.

When we actually get to thinking there are common threads.  A popular thought is the how and why of life, which subsequently leads to the how and when of death, (some then venture to what is subsequent to that but most stop there).  Then there are relationships (do I love her? do I not? what is love anyway?). After that is government, church, work, play and of course the weather.

All of this is rather common and generally people think about all these things. They may pretend that they don’t, they may try to distract themselves, but deep down people think. The problem is that thinking sometimes gets your into trouble. Sometimes, it may mean that you may have to change how you see the world or worse still how you live. Often, at the first sign of trouble, people stop. The train of thought ends are a place where if taken to its logical conclusion is not at all what they would like, but they stop none the less.

When you step back and ponder, I mean really take the time to think, it’s not at all surprising that things are the way they are.

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