Monday, October 20, 2008

Notes on Small Group Ministry - Purpose


Establishing early a clear purpose for the group is crucial. Purpose results in focus and direction in planning and acts as a guide for correction as time progresses (as the ministry evolves or devolves).

Ministry is not a static or stagnant entity. Ministry involves people and involves God both of which are to say the least dynamic. This may be that the content, form, and targets change with time, however purpose should never be compromised.

Key Purpose:

  • love God, honour God, glorify God, honour His scriptures, prayer, spirit, worship
  • love people, reach (missions), provide for needs (lead them to God, emotional, physical, spiritual means), meet them where they are at and help them to move to the next step in their growth and life with God


  • The purpose of ‘Group A’ is to be involved in the life of those aged 15-20, through relationship, bible study, and active discipleship to love God, and to love people. 

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